6v on cable

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6v on cable

Post by Mouser » Sat Jul 01, 2017 6:33 pm

Hi folks,

Hope you can help me out here. My KR1-S suddenly stopped running on the middle of the road and never wanted to start again.

I thought about the cdi, changed it. Nothing. I measured the spark (ith a spark tester) no spark, both sides.
I thought it could the ignition coil, changed it, still the same.

What I found meanwhile is that I do have 6V on the + cable that does connect to the ignition coil (black/white). I do have those 6V even if I have disconnected the cdi and the coil, so measured from end to end of the black/white cable(from the connector that goes to the cdi and the connector to the coil), the cable removed from the cdi and the coil. So it must have a "wrong connection" somewhere in the wires....but why 6V?!?(yes the battery does have 12v...)

Anybody got an idea where the cable could have that "wrong connection" in the wires to get it to 6v?

many thanks


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