KR250A/A2/A3/S standard colours

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KR250A/A2/A3/S standard colours

Post by StrokerBoy » Tue Nov 29, 2016 1:57 pm

OK, someone asked me a question today and I don't know the answer. Over to you lot. :lol:

He wanted to know if the KR250S had ever been supplied new in green/white, and pointed out a photo he'd seen on my own site. Fourth bike from the left has KVSS decals :


The only official paintjobs I've seen are as shown on the KR250 and KR250S brochures, plus the red/black and green/white/blue ones that the Australian market got on their A3 (non-KVSS model). Here's a pic of a brand-new green/white/blue Aussie one still in its crate :


So, did they make a KVSS-equipped KR in green/white/blue, for the Australian market or anywhere else ?

And are there any other factory paintjobs I'm not aware of ?
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Re: KR250A/A2/A3/S standard colours

Post by bokusouchi » Wed Jan 18, 2017 11:24 pm


according to Japanese KR250A2 partbook , A2 in japan came in 3 color schemes , one of those was lime green + polar white

and A2 model in Japan had KVSS (according to part book 99911-1101-02)

Why the green + white scheme was not on the commecial brochures is a bit of a mystery ...

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