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Tandem Twin Facebook page

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2020 4:55 pm
by StrokerBoy
Yeah, the F-word, I know... :cry:

dougindoors set up a Facebook page for KR250 owners a few years ago. He's now decided to pull the plug on it, and - even though I really can't afford to get involved in anything else - I've volunteered to take over as Admin on it, rather than let it die altogether.

He set it up as a "Community Page" rather than the usual Group so even if you're a FB regular it's a bit odd to use. I can't find a way to change that yet, but I'm new to all this anyway.

If you hate Facebook, feel free to hate this page too. :lol: But if you like it (or just reluctantly accept it like most of us) then please join in with relevant Tandem Twin posts and info.


Re: Tandem Twin Facebook page

Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2020 9:53 am
by StrokerBoy
There's a little bit of interest on the KR250 F*cebook page, we're getting enquiries from people who have old bikes and parts and are looking for help to either restore or sell.

Given the scarcity of bikes, parts and owners, I'm trying to point the FB people at this place and vice-versa, in the hope of helping everyone out.