KR250A tandem-twin motor for sale

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KR250A tandem-twin motor for sale

Post by StrokerBoy » Thu Jul 05, 2012 12:04 pm

I've been offered a KR250A engine. It's in the USA unfortunately, but I've been in touch with the owner for a few years and he seems a good guy. Details below. His email address is keysdave2001 'at' - tell him I sent you please. :D

Hey Tim,

This is David from Florida. I have a spare KR250A (no power valve version) motor I want to sell, will only collect dust in my shop, I will sell it cheap for $400 USD, will also list it on ebay for a 100% safe transaction. I have had perfect feedback for 12 years, will do International shipping for cost, which I imagine wont be cheap. So any help would be nice, if you could list it or tell the KR250 community about it , I would be grateful. Thanks. Cheers! Dave

Here is more description:

1984/1985 KR250-A motor for sale, two cylinder, two tandem crankshafts and rotor valve induction just like the Suzuki RG500 gamma. No carbs, non-powervalve version motor. Motor has one bad lower rod bearing on one of the cranks. Everything else appears pretty good. Topend, clutch, transmission, stator, rotors, all feel good, but I never used the motor, was always a spare, does not look like it was taken completely apart. Looking at the cylinders and pistons , it must have very low miles on it, but I dont know for sure. Email me if you want to discuss on the phone. CONSIDER TRADE FOR VINTAGE 2 STROKE PARTS, ESP SUZUKI RG500 RG400, Pick it up for free in North Palm Beach Florida 33403, OR I will post on ebay and paypal for a 100% safe transaction ( I have perfect feedback for 12 years) , I DONT MAKE MONEY FROM THE SHIPPING I CHARGE YOU WHATEVER UPS WANTS TO SHIP IT TO YOUR ADDRESS, will invoice you after I have your zip code. $400 USD

Here is a link to the photos on photobucket:
KR250 motor
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Post by pepsi » Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:18 pm

Hi, I've seen it for sale for a long while ,with it broke, its kind of a hard pill

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