N68 and N99 needles

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N68 and N99 needles

Post by dave32 » Thu Jul 04, 2013 10:48 pm

Just to clear up any confusion as to what the difference is between the early N68A needles and the superseded later N99's.
The diameter start point of the 68 is LARGER so this is a LEANER overall needle,
the taper appears to be the same as the 99's,measured at 6 points along its length,so it is LEANER throughout the throttle position.
hope this helps everyone.
So if you end up getting near the leanest clip positions (1st or 2nd from top) on the 99's it maybe worth trying the 68's as most needle's seem to work better when nearer the mid to lowest (richest) positions.
Dave :D

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