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Removing the oil pump for pre mix

Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2011 6:54 pm
by Luders
Blanc asked if there was a tutorial on removing the oil pump in preparation for the engine to run on premix and seeing as I'm just about to strip an engine to gas flow, I figured I would photograph everything I'm doing, starting with the oil pump removal.

After draining the transmission oil, follow these steps

1. Remove the outer clutch housing

2. Remove all the inner clutch bolts and remove the inner casing. Note that I have left the water pump housing on, but removed one of the bolts located at the bottom.

3. Turn the inner casing upside down and remove the "C" retaining clip and remove the plastic gear.

4. Remove the small pin which is located through the pump shaft and provides the drive between the gear and the pump.

5. Spin the casing back around and remove the two screws holding the pump to the casing and remove.

When I reassemble, I will blank off the hole where the pump was with some gasket card and a metal plate cut to size.