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Yamaha Japan Parts website

Post by KR-1R » Thu Aug 28, 2014 2:44 am

yes I have just posted this on Diffrent Strokers - but it's too cool not to share
Yamaha Japan have recently upgraded their parts ordering part fiche website

it is now !@#$%^ AMAZING !... simple, fast, beautiful (on a PC browser)


iphone or android...

PC version...

then click on their blue agree button

pick a bike
STEP 1.... 126-250
STEP 2... TZR250R
STEP 3... 1991

next screen choose the model variant or colour eg 3XV1 red
choose you parts screeen
click on multiple parts (holding down CTRL key)
youll see them highlight in right hand parts list
then Drag and Drop them (the pink items) to the bottom of your screen to create your customised list and quantities


...If you click on the (blue frame) illustrations that you have selected, it displays the part number list and illustrations.

...(to change the scale in the icon or pull-down.) Expansion / contraction of the schematic - Zoom IN Zoom OUT

...View the table of contents of the catalog, and then navigate to the exploded view you have selected.

...Use your mouse to highlight a heading number of illustrations or line, of the parts you have selected.
Add to the selection part column by dragging or double-click.
Click while holding down the control key on the keyboard multiple selections.

...When you remove from the selection part column, and press the Delete button to select the part number.

...Displays the inventory and price by pressing the "stock-price display" button


...Print selection of parts list and press the Print Preview button, or you can save in PDF.

...You can switch the display / non-display of the part number list / illustration by pressing the arrow button.

9...Click on the Printer Icon with PDF logo to SAVE a diagram including the part numbers of this section - you have to then open it manually from where it was saved

and behold... a beautiful parts quotation printed and saved ready to plug into your preferred place to order

SHAME on Suzuki and especially H0NDA for being absolutely useless with their JDM /GREY parts information

the Kawasaki one can be found here...
http://www.kawasaki-motors.com/for_user ... /index.jsp
. http://www.kawasaki-motors.com/for_user ... earch.html
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Re: Yamaha Japan Parts website

Post by James P » Thu Aug 28, 2014 10:55 am

Thanks for posting this info Danny - I'll definitely have a look!


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Re: Yamaha Japan Parts website

Post by 500bernie » Thu Aug 28, 2014 10:22 pm

Brilliant, but I think I need to brush up on my Japanese Danny san =D>
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