Wheel Bearings

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Wheel Bearings

Post by alimorg » Fri Feb 16, 2007 2:51 pm

Ok if you need new wheel bearings this is what you need:

KR-1 (KR250 B1 & B2)
Front 6202-2RS (15x35x11)
Rear 6203-2RS (17x40x12)

KR-1S (KR250 C1 & C2)
Front & Rear 6203-2RS (17x40x12)

What the numbers mean:

6202 - Bearing Number - do a search on ebay and you will find loads of bearing suppliers
2RS - Means two Rubber Seals

(15x35x11) - These are the dimensions of the bearing the first is the inside diameter in this case 15mm (spindle size), the second is the outside diameter in this case 35mm the last is the width of the bearing in this case 11mm

Fitting a KR-1 three spoke wheel into a KR-1S (to match your RGV conversion)

You will need 2 6003 2RS bearings (17x35x10) and a couple of spacers to make up for the difference in bearing widths

Fitting a KR-1S wheel into a KR-1

This is a nightmare the cheapest option will be to buy a pair of forks/calipers/discs & a wheel these should be a straight swap
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