Cadwell Park 13/8/13 Nolimits trackday novice group.........

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Cadwell Park 13/8/13 Nolimits trackday novice group.........

Post by maccas » Thu Aug 15, 2013 2:51 pm

Hi Guys,

Did a trackday at cadwell on Tuesday this week on a newly acquired vehicle. Wanted to be in the inters group but it was full :-(


1990 Fzr 400 3tj-1. Nice little bike. Has 2006 R6 rear shock fitted and also a set of RRSP front forks worked by maxton now fitted too. Picked the bike up on Saturday and checked it over Sunday as well as swapping over the forks. Borrowed my mates gopro and away we went! Also took the KR1 but it wasn't playing ball. Charging issues, that's another story. Got 5 good sessions in on the fzr avoiding the mobile chicanes and sticking it to the big bikes in the twisties. Absolutely loved it. I now know what a weapon the 3xv will be with some decent suspension 8) 8)

Here are the youtube links: Before anyone says, yes the engine sounds rough as anything. It has minimal power, does 110mph flat out. But corner speed is king at cadwell. Sorry for the wind noise, I used the wrong cover on the gopro. Sessions 4,5 and 6 are best.

Session 1 (KR1):

Session 2 (FZR):

Session 3 (FZR):

Session 4 (FZR):

Session 5 (FZR):

Session 6 (KR1 then came in and jumped on the FZR):

I'll explain about the KR1 in a different thread!


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