Crankshaft main bearings

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Crankshaft main bearings

Post by James P » Fri Apr 26, 2013 12:23 am

I have found what appears to be a very cost effective source for these bearings:

Drive side (6305NR C3) - 6.80 GBP: ... 0051-p.asp

Magneto side and centres (83A916C) - 10.79 GBP: ... 0025-p.asp

Both of these bearings appear to be genuine Koyo, made in Japan. The 6305NR hasn't got a locating pin, but most machinists should be able to insert one. Otherwise, you could use half an O-ring and/or Loctite bearing retainer to prevent the bearing from spinning in the casing. The circlip already fitted to the bearing should be removed.

The prices above don't include VAT, which you may have to pay if you live in UK. I dealt with a guy called Marc, who was quite helpful.


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