Commercial Sales Section - Rules for businesses

The area for businesses wishing to peddle their wares
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Commercial Sales Section - Rules for businesses

Post by alimorg » Wed May 21, 2008 10:40 am

F.A.O All businesses wishing to advertise on

I have now set up a commercial advertising section within Sales and Wants.

Businesses who offer parts and bikes for sale on this forum may only post items for sale in there.

Anything posted for sale in any other part of the forum will be classed as spam, this includes posts in the wanted section.

Spamming will not be tolerated and will result in an instant ban.

Offers to purchase job lots of spares or whole bikes offered to forum members in the For Sale section will also be treated as spam and will result in an instant ban.

Abuse of the PM & E-mail functions of this site to offer goods for sale or offers to purchase job lots or whole bikes will also be treated as spam and will result in an instant ban.

I run this forum free of charge for the benefit of its members, If any forum member is contacted by any of the Businesses operating from this site offering to buy from you or sell you goods please let me know immediately so that I can take appropriate action.

I would class a commercial operation as anyone who breaks more than 2 bikes a year or who offers new / reconditioned parts available from other retailers.

One off small run engineering projects by forum members (such as the steel kips valves and pulleys) are not classed as a commercial venture and can be advertised anywhere, neither is 'testing the water' for a new production run.

These new rules will come into effect at 10.00AM on Wednesday 21st May, posting anything for sale on this forum after that date will be deemed as an acceptance of the rules for commercial sales.

Hopefully if we all stick to these rules we can all get along swimmingly!
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