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USD mock up

Post by KRackerS » Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:58 am

Have several sets of USD in the workshop and garage so gathered some together and set about doing a mock build to see what is going to be involved .

The best for pitch and offset is ZXR250A Triples , the pin is too short for a direct bolt on though.

For simplicity a complete 250A front end recommended and do a pin swap from KR yolk to ZXR yolk , clip on bars need to be swapped over too.

Hate is goes from 4 pot to trailing 2 pot but my next mock up is brackets to hang 40mm 4 pot Brembos , I suspect the mounting lugs on the ZXR forks will need to meet an angle grinder though but hopefully 7075 that thin on the mounting will be strong enough :shock:

Overall very pleased with the look , nothing looks too out of place and retains a factory fitted feel about it.

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