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New owner seeking advice

Post by mexbiker » Tue Apr 04, 2017 11:16 pm

Hi there - I have, today, become the proud owner of a Kr-1S, even though I have yet to see her in the flesh! A colleague of mine has picked her up for me and is storing her in Mexico. From the information I have received and the photos, it looks as though she is a '91 model that I understand has sat unloved for some time, albeit that she still runs.

From looking at the photos, it would appear that the front indicators are not original and the mirrors are missing - are these readily available or is it a question of keeping an eye on EBay for an eternity? Also looks as though the fuel tank might be leaking on the bottom seam, since the paint appears to be bubbling and lifting (hardly surprising if the bike has been left for some while).

Would welcome thoughts on the recommended process for recommissioning once I get her back to the UK - my usual philosophy would be to give her a good service and run her for a while to identify faults, rather than immediately strip down, but I am not particularly well versed in somewhat fragile two strokes - is there anything particular I should be looking out for?



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