Clutch and crankshaft tooth markings

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Clutch and crankshaft tooth markings

Post by kiwisteve74 » Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:27 am

So after 7 years in a box I’m fitting the clutch side components into the motor, I noticed that one of the teeth on the back of the clutch has a marking which looks like a “B” engraved into it. And the gear on the end of the crankshaft has a tooth with an “0” engraved on it. Are these timing or positioning marks? I can’t find any reference to them in the base manual or any other markings on the water pump or idler gear? What are they for?

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Re: Clutch and crankshaft tooth markings

Post by Gerrit » Thu Sep 12, 2019 1:33 pm

I've examined my crankshafts and the crank pinions all have the "0" mark. They are not all in the same position relative to the RH crankpin, though. As for the water pump/oil pump drive gear, the one I have available at present has two markings 8 teeth apart (the other I have is away being modified so I can't comment on it). If they are to set the oil pump injection timing one would asume that the crank pinions would all be fitted with the "0" mark in the same position relative to the RH crankpin and this is not mentioned in the shop manual (unless I overlooked something). So apart from indicating which side of the pinion should be on the outside I have no idea as to its purpose.
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